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Update your online Directory of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows entry – April 2013

The online Directory is a unique resource, listing the names of more than 29,000 people who have held scholarships or fellowships around the Commonwealth since 1959, and showcasing the career profiles of almost 5,000 alumni members. The online Directory, updated annually, enables our current and former scholars and fellows to follow the progress of alumni, as well as providing a wealth of information for governments Commonwealth civil society organisations, NGOs and stakeholders such as the British Council.

An entry in the online Directory also provi9des an easy way for you to verify your scholarship or fellowship to employers or funding bodies. Your online Directory profile will show your CSC-funded course with dates, and display your career history and any awards or honours that you have told us about.

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are highly competitive and prestigious awards. The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is the only international scholarship scheme to be discussed at governmental level at the Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers. An online Directory entry is a useful companion for your CV,  as it acts as proof of your academic and professional excellence in being awarded one of our highly sought scholarships or fellowships.

Work is currently underway on the annual 2013 updating of the online Directory. With several hundred new alumni profiles being added each year, and thousands of existing entries to check, this is a complex task! Many alumni were traced for the last print edition of the Directory, in 2009, and one area of activity this year will focus on ensuring that as many of these older career profiles as possible are updated for the next refresh.

Following an online discussion on our Commonwealth Scholarships LinkedIn group after the last online Directory update, we received more than 60 queries and updates on entries. Thank you to all those who got in touch! The deadline for emailing any online Directory updates is 31 July 2013 (we cannot guarantee that any updates sent in after this date will be included in the refresh, which will go live on the CSC website by October).

Making it easier for us to update your entry

  • Check to see if your current profile in the online Directory is current (alumni who joined in July 2012 or later will be added in the October 2013 update, and any updates sent in by email since July2012 will also be added then)
  • Email your employment updates to Alumni Project Assistant Sainabou Taal at:
  • When emailing us please include your full name, course and year of scholarship/fellowship, and institution attended – this helps identification where alumni have similar names
  • If you have taken up a new post, let us know the year that you left your old position and the year when you started your new job, to ensure your entry is accurate)
  • When letting us know about an award or honour, please specify the full title of the award, and the year in which you received it

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