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Tracing alumni from the South Pacific – can you help?

Alois Jenkihau

Alois Jenkihau (2011 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar from Papua New Guinea, MSc Forestry, Bangor University) is using his course to help in his work conserving forestry resources for the future

More than 30,000 Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships have been awarded since the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan was set up in 1959. As the CSC’s alumni association began in 2000, we are still trying to locate and invite a number of untraced alumni – particularly Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows from the early years. Only registered alumni members are able to enjoy membership benefits.

The CSC is currently tracing former Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows from the South Pacific  with whom we have lost touch. Can you help?

Tracing FAQs

Q: How can I check if someone held a Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship, if their name is not on the alumni list?

A: You can check if someone held a Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship by looking for their name in the Register section of our online Directory. (Please note that the Profile section contains details of alumni members only.)

Q: I know someone who held a Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship – what information do they need to provide to the CSC?

A: Former Commonwealth Scholars or Fellows who are not currently alumni members can download and complete our alumni registration form and then email it to

Q: I know of a former Commonwealth Scholar or Fellow, but I don’t have their contact details – what can I do?

If you know where a former Commonwealth Scholar or Fellow is working or has worked – even if you are not in touch with them directly – email us at with their full name and any details that you have, so that we can follow up.

If you have any queries that are not answered above, contact

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