2019 entrants- Taylor & Francis Commonwealth Scholar Best Journal Article Prize

The Taylor & Francis Commonwealth Scholar Best Journal Article Prize is awarded to a Commonwealth Scholar who submits the most outstanding article published in a peer-reviewed journal. This annual prize, first awarded in 2012, aims to encourage and reward the publication achievements of Commonwealth Scholars who are completing or have recently completed their doctoral students.

2019 winners

Fred Ikanda (2010 Scholar from Kenya, PhD Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge)
Somali refugees in Kenya and Social Resilience: resettlement imaginings and the longing for Minnesota, African Affairs, (Volume 117, Issue, 469, July 2018)

Ruksana Haque Rimi (2013 Scholar from Bangladesh, DPhil Climate Change, University of Oxford)
Risks of pre-monsoon extreme rainfall events of Bangladesh: is anthropogenic climate change playing a role?, Explaining Extreme Events of 2017 from a Climate Perspective- special supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, (Volume 100, Issue 1, December 2018)

2019 entrants

Science and technology for development

Mansi Bhowmick (2012 Scholar from India, PhD Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds)
Analytical solution to a thermodynamic model for the sensitivity of afternoon deep convective initiative to the surfave Bown ratio, Quarterly Journal of Royal Meteorological Society, (Volume 144, Issue 716, June 2018)

Oluwatoyin Enitan Jegede (2013 Scholar from Nigeria, PhD Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, University of Leeds)
Metastable monotectic phase separation in Co–Cu alloys, Journal of Materials Science, (Volume 53, Issue 16, August 2018)

Mohammad Danish Khan (2018 Split-site Scholar from India, PhD Bioelectrochemical Systems, Newcastle University and Aligarh Muslim University)
Bioelectricity Generation and Bioremediation of an Azo-Dye in a Microbial Fuel Cell Coupled Activated Sludge Process, PLOS ONE, (Volume 238, August 2015)

Umair Ahmed Korai Baloch (2016 Scholar from Pakistan, PhD Optical Communication, University of Strathclyde)
A technique for the measurement of picosecond optical pulses using a non-linear fiber loop mirror and an optical power meter, OSA | Optics Express, (Volume 27, Issue 5, February 2019)

Timothy Kuiper (2017 Scholar from South Africa, DPhil Zoology, University of Oxford)
Demography and social dynamics of an African elephant population 35 years after reintroduction as juveniles, Journal of Applied Ecology, (Volume 55, Issue 6, June 2018)

Abubaker Lule (2015 Scholar from Uganda, PhD Epidemiology and Population Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Are birthweight and postnatal weight gain in childhood associated with blood pressure in early adolescence? Results from a Ugandan birth cohort, International Journal of Epidemiology, (Volume 48, Issue 1, February 2019)

Sumaiya Mamun (2012 Scholar from Bangladesh, PhD Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge)
Double Burden of Malnutrition (DBM) and Anaemia under the Same Roof: A Bangladesh Perspective, Medical Sciences, (Volume 7, Issue 2, January 2019)

Syed Amir Manzoor (2016 Scholar from Pakistan, PhD Agriculture, University of Reading)
Species distribution model transferability and model grain size finer may not always be better, Scientific Reports, (Volume 8, May 2018)

Ekemini Edet Obok (2012 Scholar from Nigeria, PhD Plant Sciences, University of Reading)
Electropenetrography application and molecular-based virus detection in mealybug (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) vectors of Cacao swollen shoot virus on Theobroma cacao L., Annals of Agricultural Sciences, (Volume 63, Issue 1, April 2018)

Prem Chandra Pandey (2011 Scholar from India, PhD Remote Sensing and Technology, University of Leicester)
Spatial distribution of mangrove forest species and biomass assessment using field inventory and earth observation hyperspectral data, Biodiversity and Conservation, (January 2019)

Chandni Puri (2018 Split-site Scholar from India, PhD Chemical Sciences, University of Surrey and CSIR-National Physical Laboratory)
Highly effective adsorption of crystal violet dye from contaminated water using graphene oxide intercalated montmorillonite nanocomposite, Applied Clay Science, (Volume 166, December 2018)

Forkan Sarker (2015 Scholar from Bangladesh, PhD Textile Science and Technology, University of Manchester)
High-Performance Graphene-Based Natural Fiber Composites, Applied Materials and Interfaces, (Volume 10, Issue 40, September 2018)

Yogang Singh (2015 Scholar from India, PhD Mechanical Engineering, University of Plymouth)
A constrained A* approach towards optimal path planning for an unmanned surface vehicle in a maritime environment containing dynamic obstacles and ocean currents, Ocean Engineering, (Volume 169, December 2018)

Queenie Yoganandhi Soundararajah (2012 Scholar from Sri Lanka, PhD Physics, University of Bristol)
Composition and strain relaxation of InxGa1−xN graded core–shell nanorods, Nanotechnology, (Volume 29, Issue 40, July 2018)

Strengthening health systems and capacity

Kaiyven Afi Leslie (2015 Scholar from Cameroon, PhD Medical Studies, University of Exeter)
The transcription factor STAT6 plays a critical role in promoting beta cell viability and is depleted in islets of individuals with type 1 diabetes, Diabetologia, (Volume 62, Issue 1, October 2018)

Victor Alegana (2012 Scholar from Kenya, PhD Geography (Remote Sensing), University of Southampton)
National and sub-national variation in patterns of febrile case management in sub-Saharan Africa, Nature Communication, (Volume 9, November 2018)

Dileepa Senajith Ediriweera Patabandige (2017 Split-site Scholar from Sri Lanka, PhD Medical Informatics, Lancaster University and the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka)
Evaluating temporal patterns of snakebite in Sri Lanka: the potential for higher snakebite burdens with climate change, International Journal of Epidemiology, (Volume 47, Issue 6, September 2018)

Refath Farzana (2016 Scholar from Bangladesh, PhD Medicine, Cardiff University)
Outbreak of Hypervirulent Multidrug-resistant Klebsiella variicola Causing High Mortality in Neonates in Bangladesh, Clinical Infectious Diseases, (Volume 68, Issue 7, September 2018)

Yvonne Ateh Joko Walburga Epse Fru (2016 Scholar from Cameroon, DPhil Population Health, University of Oxford)
Breast cancer survival in sub-Saharan Africa by age, stage at diagnosis and Human Development Index (HDI): A population-based registry study, International Journal of Cancer
Accepted for publication

Solomon Salve (2009 Scholar from India, PhD Medical Anthropology and Public Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Understanding the complex relationships among actors involved in the implementation of public-private mix (PPM) for TB control in India, using social theory, International Journal for Equity in Health (Volume 17, Issue 73, June 2018)

Collins Owen Francisco Zamawe (2016 Scholar from Malawi, PhD Global Health, University College London)
Associations between the use of herbal medicines and adverse pregnancy outcomes in rural Malawi: a secondary analysis of randomised controlled trial data, BMC  Complementary and Alternative Medicine, (Volume 18, Issue 1, May 2018)

Promoting global prosperity

Olusegun Gabriel Fawole (2013 Scholar from Nigeria, PhD Air Dispersion Modelling, University of Birmingham)
Dispersion of gas flaring emissions in the Niger delta: Impact of prevailing meteorological conditions and flare characteristics, Environmental Pollution, (Volume 246, December 2018)

Simon Manda (2014 Scholar from Zambia, PhD International Land Deals & Livelihood Changes in Zambia, University of Leeds)
Business ‘Power of Presence’: Foreign Capital, Industry Practices, and Politics of Sustainable Development in Zambian Agriculture, The Journal of Development Studies, (December 2018)

Bruce Mwiya (2011 Scholar from Zambia, PhD Entrepreneurship, University of Wolverhampton)
Exploring Entrepreneurial intention’s mediating role in the relationship between Self-efficacy and Nascent behaviour: evidence from Zambia, Africa, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, (January 2018)

Strengthening global peace, security and governance

Rebecca Helman (2017 Split-site Scholar from South Africa, PhD Sociology, University of Edinburgh and the University of South Africa)
Mapping the unrapeability of white and black womxn, Agenda: Empowering women for gender equity, (Volume 32, Issue 4, December 2018)

Amos Kibet (2016 Scholar from Kenya, PhD Governance and Conflict, University of Salford)
Socially Networked Heterogeneity: The Influence of WhatsApp as a Social Networking Site on Polarisation in Kenya, African Journalism Studies, (Volume 39, Issue 4, February 2018)

Strengthening resilience and response to crises

Gayathri Divakara Naik (2017 Scholar from India, PhD International Environmental Law, SOAS, University of London)
Groundwater Regulation in India: Applicability of Public Trust Doctrine and Right to Participation in Decision Making to Achieve Right to Water, The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, (Volume 2, August 2018)

Daniela Lidia Jacob Salite (2015 Scholar from Mozambique, PhD Livelihoods (International and Rural Development), University of Reading
Explaining the uncertainty: Understanding small-scale farmers’ cultural beliefs and reasoning of drought causes in Gaza Province, Southern Mozambique, Agriculture and Human Values, (March 2019)

Access, inclusion and opportunity

Osasuyi Dirisu (2011 Scholar from Nigeria, PhD Public Health, University of Leeds)
Perspectives of young cannabis users within the Nigerian policy context: The paradox of criminalization as a deterrence strategy, Journal of Substance Abuse, (Volume 29, Issue 1, August 2018)

Sandeep Keshava Rao (2017 Scholar from India, PhD Accounting and Finance, University of Strathclyde)
Modelling student migration to Karnataka for Higher Education using a partial least square structural equation model, Higher Education Quarterly, (August 2018)

Shailesh Kumar (2017 Scholar from India, MPhil Law, Birkbeck, University of London)
Shifting Epistemology of Juvenile Justice in India, Contexto Internacional, (Volume 41, Issue 1, January 2019)

Weiqiang Lin (2011 Scholar from Singapore, PhD Air Transport Geographies, Royal Holloway, University of London)
Infrastructure’s Expenditures: Changi Airport, Food Cargo and Capital’s Technosphere, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, (Volume 43, Issue 1, December 2018)

Michelle Pentecost (2013 Scholar from South Africa, PhD Anthropology, University of Oxford)
Critical orientations for humanising health sciences education in South Africa, BMJ Medical Humanities, (Volume 44, Issue 4, November 2018)

Sane Zuka (2017 Scholar from Malawi, PhD International Development, University of Edinburgh)
Customary Land titling and inter-generational wealth transfer in Malawi: Will secondary Land rights holders maintain their Land rights?, Land Use Policy, (Volume 81, November 2018)

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