Commonwealth Scholarships on LinkedIn

Bringing the CSC community together

Current and former Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows can now keep in touch via the Commonwealth Scholarships group on LinkedIn.

The CSC Secretariat posts news or events of interest to our Scholars and alumni, who are also able to add their own comments or post items themselves.

Professional Networks on LinkedIn

The CSC also has eight Professional Networks (Agriculture and Rural Development, Economics and Finance, Education, Environment, Gender, Governance, Public Health and Science and Technology) as subgroups of the Commonwealth Scholarships group. This enables both coordinators and network members to post news, share best practice, and start discussions, providing more interactivity for the networks.

Join our network on LinkedIn

Over time the CSC will also invite key stakeholders to participate in the Commonwealth Scholarships group, and the CSC wants the group to become the main forum for our CSC community to exchange news, views and discussions. Why not join our groups, share your comments, and help shape their future?

Membership is limited to award holders and alumni of the CSC only, to ensure a secure networking environment. You will need a profile on LinkedIn in order to join our groups. We have pre-approved the email addresses held for our award holders and alumni, and you can join our group by visiting:

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@commschols on Twitter