Electronic Application System (EAS)

All applications for Commonwealth Scholarships or Fellowships in the UK should be made via our Electronic Application System (EAS).

These pages contain information for:


Citizens of Commonwealth countries who wish to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships or Fellowships

Nominating Agencies

Organisations invited to recommend one or more Applicants or to bid for funding for Commonwealth Scholarships or Fellowships.

A Nominating Agency may be:

  • a national agency (e.g. a Ministry of Education or a University Grants Commission)
  • a university in a Commonwealth country
  • a UK-based organisation (e.g. an NHS Trust or a charity)
  • a department of a UK organisation (e.g. the Neurology Department of an NHS Trust)
  • a UK university
  • a department of a UK university

Some Nominating Agencies may recommend candidates via a national organisation, and not directly to the CSC (e.g. a Commonwealth university recommends candidates to a University Grants Commission, which then decides who to nominate to the CSC).


Individuals who are appointed by a Nominating Agency to comment on the quality of one or more applications and give advice


Individuals who are asked by an Applicant to provide a reference in support of their application

Potential Supervisors

Academics at UK universities who might supervise the proposed PhD study of one or more Applicants

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