Nominating Agencies – Commonwealth Professional Fellowships

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships support mid-career professionals from developing countries to spend a period of time at a UK host organisation working in their field for a programme of professional development. About Commonwealth Professional Fellowships

To apply for a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship:

  1. The host/nominating organisation must complete the Nominator’s section of the application form and ‘release’ it.
  2. The host/nominating organisation must notify the prospective Fellow(s) and ask them to log into the EAS as an Applicant, complete their part of the form by the deadline, and ‘submit’ it. The prospective Fellow(s) should notify you once this has been done. It is not possible to submit an EAS application after the deadline that appears when opening an application.
  3. The host/nominating organisation must log back into the EAS and ‘nominate’ the Fellow(s) to the CSC. Fellows who are not nominated to the CSC using the EAS will not be considered for a fellowship. Please ensure that you do not leave any candidates as ‘Reserves’ as they will not be considered for selection.

Step-by-step guides

Please note that, if you would like to ‘play’ as an applicant, you have to use an email address that is different to the one you use as an Agency Contact and/or Nominator.

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