Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships support one year’s study at a UK university as part of a PhD being undertaken in your home country, under the joint supervision of a home country and UK supervisor.

Key features

  • Applicants should be registered for a PhD at their home country university. The final qualification obtained will be from the home country university, rather than the UK university.
  • The 12 months in the UK can be taken at any stage during the doctoral study (providing this is justified in the study plan), and can be divided into two or more periods.
  • A Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship covers full tuition fees for one year at the UK host university, stipend for up to one year in the UK, return airfare, and other allowances. The scholarship does not support the period of study at the home country university.
  • Applications are accepted directly from nominating agencies and certain developing country universities

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