Development Module for PhD Scholars

Development impact and the PhD scholarship: making the most of your scholarship

The Development Module is the cornerstone of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s commitment to improving the development impact of its scholarship programme. This exciting programme aims to enhance and expand the PhD scholarship experience and will empower researchers to make an impact, both in their own careers and in the wider community.

The programme will be offered through two residential workshops, one early in the PhD programme and one towards the end of the study period. The training provided will ensure that Scholars are equipped to address development challenges, providing the opportunity to collaborate and share resources and practice with fellow researchers.

‘Thanks to CSC. This is a fantastic module as part of our academic programme. [A] Degree without knowing how to apply to development is a disconnect.’

Participant in the March 2013 Development Module weekend.

The Development Module has two components:

The Road Map

The ‘Road Map’ is the first workshop of the programme to take place in the first year of the PhD. It will explore:

  • International development issues and the changing perspectives on development.
  • The current situation in international development, including understanding key themes and development programmes in the UK and globally.
  • Personal development plan – exploring the development statement from the Commonwealth Scholarship application to propose a plan for activities to support development objectives during the PhD award. The module will provide training relevant to achieving this.

The Tool Kit

The second residential workshop will be delivered towards the end of the PhD award, and will focus on:

  • Understanding current issues and future trends in international development
  • Managing development projects and partnerships – effective ways to prepare proposals and secure resources from development assistance institutions.
  • Personal development strategy – sessions to discuss and revise the ‘development plan’, enabling Scholars to work effectively with development institutions, nationally and internationally, on their return home.

The specific range of topics for both the Road Map and the Tool Kit may vary, depending on current issues and circumstances, but will maintain the aim of broadening understand about international development and ways for PhD scholars to make an impact.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all those who complete the programme but no formal assessment will be required. Invitations to attend the residential workshops will be sent to eligible Scholars prior to the events, and the CSC will cover all reasonable travel and residential costs.

Photos of past Development Module workshops are available on the CSC flickr page.

If you would like to find out more about the Development Module, please contact the CSC Student Engagement Officer.

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