Free eye health screening for vulnerable women

Organised by Enowntai Nkongho Ayukotang (2016 Scholar from Cameroon, MSc Public Health for Eye Care) and Katty Mbikang Akpey (2016 Scholar from Cameroon, MA Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London)

Prior to the event, both organisers gave interviews with the Cameroon National Radio and Television (CNRT) and delivered presentations to vulnerable groups in the Mfoundi Division on the event, eye health and gender-based violence in Cameroon. The Divisional Delegate of MINPROFF (Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family), Obama nee Ebene Jeannine Gertrude, together with her team, also provided support in delivering intensive calls vulnerable women from the Mfoundi Division.

The event took place on Commonwealth Day at the Divisional Delegation of MINPROFF and opened with a welcome address from the Divisional delegate. She encouraged more than 80 attendees to make the most of the opportunities presented to them through the event. Opening remarks were followed by a presentation from Katty on gender-based violence in Cameroon. She encouraged women in attendance to see themselves not as vulnerable but rather as powerful people, who can achieve change through their connectedness. She shared her wonderful Commonwealth Scholarship experience and challenged those eligible to apply for these opportunities.

Enowntai then gave a presentation on ways to avoid visual impairment and blindness and encouraged participants to speak to members of the Eye Health Team to gather and seek both advice and support. He also provided handouts on Commonwealth Scholarship opportunities in Cameroon and encouraged those eligible to apply to do so.

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