Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom

North East

Regional Coordinator: Inalegwu Precious Oono – inalegwu.oono@gmail.comingalewu-oono

Inalegwu is a 2013 Commonwealth Scholar from Nigeria, who is in the first year of his PhD in Public health at Newcastle University. His research interest is in the epidemiology of diseases (infectious diseases).

Inalegwu holds a medical degree from University of Jos Nigeria and a master in public health (with honours) from University of Glasgow, United kingdom.

The following events are planned for the 2013-2014 academic year:

‘Know your colleagues’ – events aimed at bringing scholars from different backgrounds together, to network and promote multiculturalism:

  • Welcome event
  • Get together events to be held at different locations
  • Cultural events
  • Trip to the Tynemouth, Newcastle
  • Picnics
  • Send off/welcome event for outgoing and new scholars at the end of the year

‘Discover the UK’ – trips to iconic locations in the United Kingdom aimed at showcasing and promoting local knowledge and culture. Trips will see scholars go to one or more of the following locations:

  • A trip to the Highlands, Scotland
  • A trip to one of the Royal Air Force museum
  • A trip to York

Sporting events – aimed at promoting physical activity among scholars:

  • Football games
  • Bowling

Dates and venues and content of events will be confirmed later. Inalegwu welcomes ideas from other Scholars and Fellows to develop the suggested activities.

Join the North East Regional Network Facebook group to find out about upcoming events, and to get in touch with other network members. If the name used on your Facebook account differs from that on your award documents, please contact with your CSC Scholar reference and your name as it appears on Facebook so that your request to join the group can be authorised.

Photos from previous network events are available on Flickr.

Photos on flickr

@commschols on Twitter