One-day seminar on climate change and agricultural sustainability

A presenter delivers his talk on climate change

A presenter delivers his talk on climate change

Organised by Asghari Bano (1980 Scholar from Bangladesh, PhD Botany, University of Glasgow)

Commonwealth Alumnus Prof Asghari Bano organised a one-day seminar on ‘Climate Change and Agriculture Sustainability’ at the University of Wah to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK and the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth through this year’s theme, ‘A Connected Commonwealth’. Guest speakers included Prof Khaliqur Rehman Shad, Vice Chancellor of the University of Wah, Dr Arif Goheer of the Global Change Impact Studies Centre, Ministry of Climate Change and Dr Mushtaq Ahmad.

Pakistan is among the top 10 countries most affected by climate change in the world. The adverse impact of climate change is witnessed across all economic sectors of the country and overtime the frequency and intensity of climate induced natural disasters is increasing. Technical assistance from Commonwealth and other countries in undertaking adaptation planning and action, implementation of nationally determined contributions, and enhancing the flow of climate finance, is instrumental in achieving goals of sustainable development in the country.

At the opening of the seminar, Prof Khaliqur Rehman Shad raised awareness of the policies and technologies in place for increasing sustainable development across economic, environmental and social sectors in Pakistan. He stressed that this can only be achieved through interdisciplinary research and research connections. Dr Arif Goheer acknowledged the contribution of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK and the wider Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan in developing the capacity of researchers and scientists through its multiple programmes across various sectors in Pakistan overtime. Dr Mushtaq Ahmad delivered a speech on the biodiversity and conservation of medicinal flora collected from different agroecological zones of Pakistan. He described the medicinal values of some noble species which are at the verge of being threatened due to climate change.

There were several posters presented throughout the day revolving around the themes of climate change, sustainability and the importance of the Commonwealth in tackling this issue.

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