Sports walk and round table discussion

A group photo of students and children from different religions, social backgrounds and local area who was participated in a Sports Walk.

A group photo of students who participated in the Sports Walk.

Organised by CACSAF President Kizitus Mpoche (2001 Scholar from Cameroon, PhD English and Applied Linguistics; 2010 Academic Fellow, Applied Linguistics, SOAS, University of London)

CACSAF organised four key events to mark Commonwealth Day 2019, between 10-12 March, in Douala. Alumni worked with the University of Douala Commonwealth Club in delivering events and promoting the importance of the Commonwealth in Cameroon. Events included:

  • Football matches between students across faculties at the University of Douala
  • Sports walk with students and children from different religions, social backgrounds and local area
  • Roundtable conference on the theme of ‘A Connected Commonwealth’
  • Commonwealth Alumni meeting
Alumnus Kizitus Mpoche opens discussions

Alumnus Kizitus Mpoche opens discussions

The round table conference addressed this year’s Commonwealth theme ‘A Connected Commonwealth’. Discussions were focused on the sub-theme, ‘Connectedness in Multicultural Commonwealth Cameroon’. Speakers were drawn from the University of Douala and Commonwealth Alumni:

  • Dr Glory Mbah, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Buea (2011 Scholar, MSc Drug Discovery, UCL School of Pharmacy)
  • Dr Mary Louisa Lum, specialist in British Literature, University of Douala
  • Dr Jeannette Fotso-Wogaing, specialist in anthropology, University of Douala
  • Prof Olayinka Margarate Njikam Savage, Head, Department Anthropology, University of Douala
  • Prof Jules Assoumou, Head, Department of Linguistics, University of Douala
  • Prof Kizitus Mpoche, Chair, Cameroon Alumni of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows (CACSAF) (2001 Scholar, PhD English and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge; 2010 Academic Fellow, SOAS, University of London)

Students, university personnel and academic staff, local religious, traditional and administrative authorities attended the event and engaged in discussions addressing the importance of connectedness. The theme encouraged students to ask questions about the Commonwealth and its importance in Cameroon. In particular ‘What is the Commonwealth doing to solve the Anglophone problem in Cameroon?’.

Following the round table, selected guests joined alumni to celebrate and share their experiences as Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows.

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