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The world beyond 2015

The world beyond 2015 – is higher education ready?

The world faces some serious challenges, and higher education is an essential part of the response. Universities are already engaging with these issues, but are still trying to articulate their current and potential role. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015 and will be replaced by a new set of international targets. Whatever the […]

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Women, Kashmir and peace talks

By Ezabir Ali, 2012 Commonwealth Professional Fellow from India hosted by Conciliation Resources. ‘Nobody can silence me – I have every right to speak.’ These were the words shouted by a 40-year-old woman at security staff and state officials, as she managed to intrude into the venue where Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Indian […]

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Prince Tommy Williams, 2011 Commonwealth Professional Fellow

Professional Fellow helps rehabilitate other former child soldiers in Sierra Leone

Prince Tommy Williams is a 2011 Commonwealth Professional Fellow from Sierra Leone. His Fellowship is hosted by LifeLine Network International, a group of grassroots community organisations and NGOs based in 16 countries around the world. Prince is the IT Manager at LifeLine in Sierra Leone. ‘During the long lasting war in Sierra Leone I was […]

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Assessing impact in higher education and development

This report examines the impact that Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships can have on individuals and on higher education institutions, and the impact that these individuals and institutions can then have on economic and social development. It reports on the targeted awards offered to academic staff and students, before moving on to assess the impact of […]

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Barack Ojiem

Professional Fellow gains skills to help rehabilitate street children in Kenya

Barack Ojiem is a Kenyan 2011 Commonwealth Professional Fellow, hosted by Widows and Orphans International. He works at Hope for Victoria Children, an NGO that rehabilitates and reintegrates street children. I am a line manager responsible for rehabilitation and advocacy programmes in my organisation. All the training and experiences I have accessed through my Fellowship fall within […]

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John Mthaziko Zulu

Professional Fellow lobbies for devolution of power in Zambia

John Mthaziko Zulu held a 2011 Commonwealth Professional Fellowship at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). He is the Governance Programs Coordinator at Caritas Chipata, Zambia. I work to promote and protect human dignity and sustainable development for less privileged people by engaging government improve policies, structures and services. During my Fellowship at CLES, I have […]

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